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Top 2 Free Connect The Dots Worksheets Of Cute Puppy

Dot to dot worksheets is also known as “connect the dots worksheets” or printables. The printable of the dot to dot or other printables are free to download at Dhansu Idea.

Here, if you are looking for good printable/worksheets for your students or babies that reinforce your child skills and ability. Then you have come to the right place.

Our Dhansu Idea team provides creative art to your children. And I am happy to hand over my creative printable to your adorable child.

Well, this “dot to dot printable” is of a cute puppy. As we all know the children or baby loves puppy a lot. If you are having any pets such as puppy, then this cognitive printable is something that makes your children excited to connect the dot and color it.

This connect the dots worksheets worksheet will teach the number sequence or counting number to your child. So, I request all parents and teachers to hand over this puppy printable to your student or child which is specially made for them.    

According to skill level, there are many categories of connect the dots worksheets i.e. easy, medium and hard. This printable is of medium skill level as it reinforces the counting skill to thirty of your child or student. This printable will teach the number counting to your child from 1 to 30. So, this is good for first and second-grade students or children. If you are a teacher then you can represent this printable at your class and can give an assignment to your student.    

How to solve connect the dots worksheets puzzles

To solve connect the dots worksheets Supplies needed:

  • Puppy printable (click on download button)
  • Pencil
  • Crayons or pencil color
  • Sketch pen (if the worksheet is laminate)
  • Write and wipe pocket

* If you want to do heavy use of this printable then please get it laminated, so that your child or student could use it for a long time.

Advice for parents to this puppy dot to dot activity at home

  • If your child is under three years old, then please follow all the guidelines and make your child away from a sketch pen because it contains a toxic substance.
  • And if you are giving them these sketches pen or pencil only. So please get these activities done under your observation. Because they can poke a pencil in their eyes and take a sketch pen in their mouth.

Your student or child will able to learn a verity of skill with this dot to dot activity, including:

  • Number letter recognition
  • Number letter sounds while learning
  • Picture recognition
  • Coloring techniques
  • Line joining techniques  
  • And color recognition, too.

Working to connect the dots worksheets activity:

This pink colored connect the dots activity will be loved by girls in your classroom and it also enhances creative learning or encourages independence in your student’s learning. Your student can do this activity:

  • Independently at anywhere
  • From a small group to large group
  • At digital literacy center activity
  • Calmly at home

I hope that your students love this printable. This printable is not for only pre-scholars but I think toddlers can also enjoy this printable in summer, spring, and winter. Click on the button below to get this Pink Puppy “connect the dots printable”.

Even I and my family use to do these “dot to dot activity” on our vacation and enjoy the vacation with these interesting printable activities. You can set this printable on your table at the time of dinner that everyone at home can enjoy this activity.

Worksheet not only increases our skill power but also make our mind fresh. We also have seasonal or vocational activity for Christmas or Halloween party.

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