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About Dhansu Idea

Ah! Dhansu Idea had become part of learning for kids to enhance learning independently and joyfully.

Meaning of Dhansu Idea:

The word Dhansu means WOW!, amazing, wonderful, marvelous, miraculous, Excellent, Magnificent.    

What’s about Dhansu Idea?

Our Dhansu Idea provides free printable for kids or worksheets grade wise to your student or children:

  • Baby worksheets
  • Toddler worksheets
  • Preschooler worksheets
  • Kinder garden worksheets
  • First-grade worksheets
  • Teenager worksheets

Baby worksheets:

These Baby worksheets are really interesting and amazing which I love to make for your baby. It includes the subject “Art and crafts (coloring pages)”. These baby worksheets make a relationship of study to your baby.

Toddler worksheets:

Toddler worksheets areone of the famous worksheets at Dhansu Idea. It contains the subject “Art and crafts (coloring pages), Reading and writing (tracing pages)”. These Toddler worksheets built a base of your child’s education.

Preschooler worksheets:

Preschooler worksheets I think are fantastic creation of the Dhansu Idea team. It contains the subject “Reading and writing, Art, Science, Math, Social Science”. These Preschooler worksheets built pillar of your child education.

Kinder garden worksheets:

Kinder garden worksheets are one of the favorite worksheets of my cousin. It includes the subject “Reading and writing, Art, Science, Math, Social Science”. These printable are going to build a wall of study for your children and student education.  

First-grade worksheets:

First-grade worksheets are cognitive worksheets made for your adorable students and children. It contains the subject “Reading and writing, Art, Science, Math, Social Science”. These printable are going to build siling of study of your children and student education. 

Teenager worksheets:

Teenager worksheets mostly include festival printables such as:

  • Halloween printable
  • Christmas printable
  • Thank giving printable
  • Valentine printable

You can download these printable free but you have to fill in your name and e-mail. It is just for securities purpose and you can download only five printables a day, it is download limits.

Not only this!

You can buy printables bundles on Dhansu Idea.

Festival bundle printable:

Mostly people use to buy Festival bundle printable that is:

  • Halloween printable
  • Christmas printable
  • Thank giving printable
  • Valentine printable
View famous festival printables such as-

People use to buy these festival bundles and play whole to enjoy. This is one of the highly demanded printable at our Dhansu Idea.

Our Dhansu Idea’s festival game printable is great for your children and student because of our festival game printable continuous study of your children and student.

These festival bundles mostly contain these games:

  • I Spy Game
  • Bingo Cards & Calling Cards (10 card set)
  • Mad Libs
  • Maze
  • Word Scramble
  • Word Search
  • Coloring Pages
  • Puzzle Game
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Cross puzzle
  • Mini coloring book

Literacy bundle printable:

Millions of teachers join our Dhansu Idea. If you also want to join the Dhansu Idea then you can check-in contact us page.

Mostly teacher uses to buy Literacy bundle printable for their student at our Dhansu Idea that is:

  • Coloring pages worksheets
  • Connect the dot worksheets
  • Match by size worksheets
  • Scissor activity worksheets
  • Handwriting practice worksheets and many more…

Meet our Team behind Dhansu Idea

This is our team of Dhansu Idea because of what, you can get the world’s best printable in free of cost.

Rakesh a Marketing Executive:

Hey there! It’s me Rakesh a Marketing Executive of Dhansu Idea. To be hit by any product mostly has two reasons:

  • To make the best quality of the product.
  • To represent that best quality product at the market.

So, here I use to manage these printable in the market means on social media and all.

I use to bring these qualified printables in front of the world made by the Creative Director. The Creative Director and Copywriter are a professional and active person. I use to manage Social Media and reply to your queries. Mostly Dhansu Idea replies Queries in 12 hours only.

Harshita a Creative Director:

Hey there! It’s me Harshita a Creative Director of Dhansu Idea. I am highly proficient in this field and try to give excellent and the world’s best printable and worksheets to your students and children. I feel good when I get your response to my creative. All the creative part of Dhansu Idea is made by me.

Sangeeta a Copywriter:

Hey there! It’s me Sangeeta a Copywriter of Dhansu Idea. I use to write a blog on creative director creation as well as I have a great knowledge of printables and the level of knowledge printable should contain for kids. That is why I use to manage a menu of printables or you can say set printable made by Harshita in grade-wise.